Introducing me..

I was born and grew up in Kavala, a city of northern Greece, well known for its picturesque port and old town. Raised by two great parents, my father Angelos and my mother Christina, I lived a normal (typically boyish!) childhood, somewhere between classic neighborhood games, bicycling, tennis, basketball with the school's team, epic "fights" with my 5-years-older brother Athanasios and, of course, those "boring" studying and homework hours. During those times, and as I was growing up, I started discovering my first interests, such as geography, astronomy, science fiction, music, drawing and travelling.

I went to the 22nd Primary School of Kavala (1989-1995), then to the 7th Junior High School of Kavala (1995-1998) and, finally, I graduated from the 2nd Senior High School of Kavala (1998-2001) with grade 19.2 out of 20.

After finishing my school, my dream and great goal was to study Electrical or Civil Engineering. At last, I chose the former, and in September 2001 I was accepted as a student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTh). During my studies, I started thinking my next dream, i.e. my strong intention to do a PhD and follow an academic/research career in Higher Education. First things first, in November 2006 I received my Diploma (BSc/MSc) in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Since 2007, I am a PhD candidate in the Production Engineering and Management Department, School of Engineering, DUTh, Greece, with thesis title "Advanced techniques of fault diagnosis/prognosis in mechanical structures with the use of visual methods: IR thermography case". During my PhD studies I have already published and presented, in several international scientific journals and conferences, 12 technical papers on aspects of diagnostics, prognostics and condition monitoring of renewable energy and mechanical systems.

Throughout the duration of my doctoral research, I became key member of the Mechanical Design Laboratory (MeDiLab ©) staff, led by Associate Professor Pantelis N. Botsaris, with both educational and research responsibilities (laboratorial courses and exams, assistance in diploma theses for undergraduate students) in the fields of Machining Elements, Production Technology, Design Theory and Renewable/Sustainable Energy Systems. Outside MeDiLab, I became Lecturer-under-contract (since 2010) in Kavala Institute of Technology, School of Technological Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, with course title: “Mechanical design applications with the use of CAD/CAM software”, as well as lecturer in a seminars' series regarding training for energy inspectors of buildings and external cooperator of “SKT Testing Hellas” in IR thermography applications.

Apart from my research and educational activities, in my free time, I love travelling, DJing and reading literary books (esp. crime and science fiction).

Detailed résumé of me? You can also download my Curriculum Vitae (.pdf, 148 KB).