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1 Aerial thermography as a tool for preventive maintenance and inspections of large-scale systems. Diagnostic & Maintenance
2 Study, Design and Construction experimental measuring device for control materials thermal properties. Plan-study
3 Design and Development of an Energy Management System in an Organization based on Standard 50001. Energy
4 Check viability of Solar Thermal Unit in Industry. The case of... Energy
5 Prototyping field measurements using thermography: The case of photovoltaic park. Energy
6 Operation and maintenance of the solar thermal system in the industry. The case of...... Diagnostic & Maintenance
7 Estimation of the operation of heat exchanger network of a solar thermal park using the Pinch method. Energy
8 Development of a Guide for the Energy Planning of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Energy
9 Heat absorber chiller performance evaluation. Measurements
10 Design and development of a data collection and data visualization web environment, for capturing and monitoring the energy profile of DUTH campus buildings complex. Energy
11 Analysis of indicators measuring the viability of an industrial production. Diagnostic & Maintenance
12 Development and implementation of interactive virtual exercises for the learning of Machine Elements. Mechanical Design





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1 Non-destructive testing of metal specimens with the use of liquid penetrant inspection (LPI). Non-destructive testing, NDT E. Νούsιοs
2 Study, design and production of an ergonomic computer workstation. Plan-study K. Kazanidis
3 Design and construction of the suspension system a FSAE racing car. Plan-study E. Serpetidis
4 Implementation of Failure, Impact and Critical Analysis (FMECA) on a wind turbine. Diagnostic & Maintenance D. Papatsounis
5 Research, study, design and development using a three-dimensional printer, standard artificial ear splint. Mechanical Design A. Argyropoulos






No Title Category Student Date Download
1 Design of post-construction lighting using solar energy. Plan-study A. Papapanagiotou 01/10/2005
2 Automated measurements using the program LabVIEW. Measurements K. Panos 01/10/2005
3 Study detecting cracks in metals. Detection application using ultrasound. Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) P. Hatziyannaki 01/10/2005
4 Study, design and manufacture of mechanical coupling using the program CAD / CAM. Plan-study A. Maltezos 22/03/2006
5 Certification scheme in CE - Implementation of procedures to hoist Face-Lifts. CE Certification E. Anastasiadou 22/03/2006
6 Diagnostics data engine damage in the frequency domain. Diagnostic & Maintenance Ch. Mavrikos 01/10/2006
7 Fault diagnosis in mechanical systems: Control oscillatory behavior rotary machine with displacement sensors. Diagnostic & Maintenance A. Papaioannou 01/10/2006
8 Oscillations structures subject to wind: Case turbine low power (<1kW) - Vibration Measurement base fabric according to Directive IEC / TS 61400-13: Measurement of mechanical loads. Measurements Ch. Veziris 01/12/2006
9 Methods of heat transfer from printed circuits and control circuits. Energy A. Chondronasios 19/07/2007
10 Energy management Μ.Μ.Ε processing metal. Energy M. Zografou 19/07/2007
11 Design of industrial development and prototype based on the instructions VDI 2221 and VDI 2225: Case flowmeter. Plan-study N. Koutsomichalis 01/11/2007
12 Installation planning and viability check trigeneration plant in the new campus Kimeria. Energy A. Alexakis
D. Limnios


Measuring stress in wind turbine blades. Measurements S. Koukos 03/03/2008
14 Design and construction of alternative tissue turbine power 1MW - comparative analysis with conventional tissue. Plan-study Ch. Voyatzi
D. Karampataki
15 Study, design and development of a monitoring and recording operating parameters and machine tool error estimation and time zone: event streams driving motor function operating speed. Measurements I. Souroutzidis 31/03/2008
16 Design and development of intelligent measuring instrument level, ultrasonic, controlled by a microprocessor. Measurements G. Zamanakos 25/06/2008
17 Detection of cracks in metals based on the principles of ultrasonic and penetrant: a comparative analysis. Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) P. Labrianidis 30/06/2008
18 Representation and processing of 3-D objects using coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Mechanical Design G. Galeridis 30/06/2008
19 Material selection and mechanical design. Mechanical Design M. Mirgkizoudi 29/10/2008
20 Control cracks in metal by the method of the magnetic particles. Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) A. Anastassiou 29/10/2008
21 Diagnosis of mechanical fault systems based on the principle of infrared thermography. Diagnostic & Maintenance E. Plastira 29/10/2008
22 Study mode wind tunnel. Plan-study M. Tzani 29/10/2008
23 Maintenance chemical industry using the method RBI. Diagnostic & Maintenance A. Naris 29/10/2008
24 Design and analysis screws with the finite element method. Mechanical Design I. Karypidis 04/11/2008
25 Study, design and manufacture of medical devices using CAD / CAM programs and 3-D printer. Mechanical Design B. Sophianou 24/03/2009 Download
26 Customized design mechanical objects. Mechanical Design A. Gkanoudi 24/03/2009
27 Study, design and construction of wind instrument using CAD / CAM programs and 3-D printer (if anemometer). Mechanical Design I. Griangelou 20/07/2009
28 Comparative analysis of Cartesian and non-Cartesian methods and devices digitize three-dimensional objects in reverse engineering: the case of visual methods. Mechanical Design A. Gkiokas 20/07/2009
29 Monitoring operating parameters machining center and estimate wear of cutting tools: If drilling. Diagnostic & Maintenance H. Amoiridis 20/07/2009 Download
30 Planning, design and construction of a strain bearings. Plan-study K. Rodopoulos 22/10/2009
31 Modeling of heat transfer phenomena in solar panels using finite elements. Energy P. Karagiannis 29/10/2009
32 Dynamic and static analysis of wind turbine ~ 3,1 MW using finite elements. Energy N. Kellidis 29/10/2009
33 Customized design and bolt components. Mechanical Design N. Maragkou 29/10/2009
34 Checking the accuracy of positioning axes CNC machining center by constructing non-ferrous machining essays. CAD / CAM & tools Ch. Kakouris 09/11/2009
35 Estimated energy payback (EPR) small solar park for the region East. Macedonia and Thrace. Energy F. Philippidou 05/03/2010 Download
36 Modeling and performance testing plate heat exchanger with the finite element method. Energy F. Philippidou 05/03/2010 Download
37 Estimated energy payback (Energy Payback Ratio, EPR) small wind farm on the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Energy A. Tsiotsiou 16/03/2010
38 Programming methodologies preventative maintenance and inspections - Situation application: chemical industry and scheduling maintenance based method RBI. Diagnostic & Maintenance E. Katsiana 16/03/2010
39 Dimensional display library building. Mechanical Design Ch. Kyratzidou 06/07/2010
40 Heat transfer mechanisms and their impact on the performance of a photovoltaic panel. Energy P. Tsikli 06/07/2010
41 Principles and methodologies mechanical design - Algorithmic and non-algorithmic approach to industrial design product. Mechanical Design M. Kantilieraki 04/11/2010
42 Measurement cycle machining non-ferrous machining specimens at machining centers CNC. CAD / CAM & tools M. Athanasiou 04/11/2010
43 Evaluation parameter estimation wear of cutting tools using Design of Experiments (Design of Experiments, DOE). Diagnostic & Maintenance M. Voyatzi 04/11/2010 Download
44 Function simulation photovoltaic panel and control performance. Measurements M. Binoli 04/11/2010 Download
45 Prefabricated building energy assessment in Campus Xanthi and upgrade proposals under the new KENAK (GG 407/09-04-2010). Energy E. Ypsilanti 01/07/2011
46 Design and feasibility study PV system to meet energy needs in electricity, the building I (PME) School of Engineering Democritus University of Thrace Xanthi Measurements S. Dimitriadis 01/07/2011 Download
47 Imprinting energy physiognomy of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace - Current state and perspectives. Energy Ch. Tsepeli 01/12/2011
48 Design principles offshore wind parks. Energy E. Stephanou 23/04/2012
49 The mechanical design of the end of life of modules. Mechanical Design G. Tagara 20/05/2012
50 Design, development and operation of offshore wind farms in the Greek marine space. Energy K. Kombolias 20/05/2012
51 Study, design and product development with a focus on selecting materials and production technologies: Case gear. Mechanical Design M. Karkanis 20/11/2012 Download
52 Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) photovoltaic systems. Energy F. Ioannidou 20/11/2012
53 Errors in P/V systems: Analysis methodology for categorization. Diagnostic & Maintenance K. Moustafelos 20/11/2012
54 Modeling solar hybrid heating system swimming pool closed for the Municipality of Alexandroupolis. Energy M. Gianniki 19/04/2013
55 Design of shock absorbing element in standard competition vehicle. Plan-study P. Bekakos 19/04/2013
56 Implementation of European and Greek models and fault detection in structures aeriafloton boiler. Diagnostic & Maintenance B. Mylonas 19/04/2013
57 Assessment (theoretical and experimental) wear bearing rolling laboratory unit radial and axial stress using vibration signals and thermography Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) N. Athanasopoulos 20/06/2013
58 Redesign industrial product: Case split air conditioner Mechanical Design A. Korkovelos 20/06/2013
59 Planning, design, construction and performance testing of solar hot air generating device. Plan-study E. Barbounis -
60 Study and evaluation of decision criteria for energy planning at the county level: Case Xanthi. Energy A. Strinopoulou 07/04/2014
61 Accelarating aging techniques of photovoltaic panels. Diagnostics & Maintenance S. Pavlidis 15/07/2014 Download
62 Fault tree analysis of complex electromechanical systems through Graph Theory. Diagnostics & Maintenance Ν. Patsiani 15/07/2014
63 3D Simulation lathe machining tools controlled by computer. CAD / CAM & tools G. Eirinopoulos 10/03/2014
64 The method TRIZ inventive design as a tool for innovation in education. Mechanical Design S. Mountelos 15/02/2015
65 Capability expansion of impementing solar thermal system in greek milk industry Energy Κ. Georgousi 06/2015
66 Τhe evolutionary path from conception and design of an innovative product in business practice: guide for setting up new companies. Plan-study Pr. Filippidis 10/2015
67 Study, dimensioning and evaluation of solar cooling/heating unit for the cover of energy needs of a building Energy S. Fabiatos 10/11/2015
68 Study, design and evaluation of a hybrid unit coverage of laboratories' thermal and cooling loads of General University Hospital of Alexandroupoli with the use of biomass, solar thermal and fossil fuels Energy S. Dimoliaras 11/2015
69 Use of infrared thermography as non-destructive testing for the prevention and fault diagnosis in sailboats and sea safety protocols. Non Destructive Testing, NDT E. Bafounis - Kottas 01/2016 Download
70 Design optimization of complex electro-mechanical constructions: the case of heat exchanger with the use of the constructal theory. Εnergy Th. Κοntodina 03/2016
71 Design and function analysis of a solar thermal park using IR thermography Energy D. Tsemberlidou 04/2017 Download
72 Comparative analysis between conventional and dry turning CAD/CAM & Tools D. Hliadis 05/2017
73 Thermal performance model of a parabolic trough collector Energy A. Isaakidou 05/2017
74 Development and creation of virtual interactive exercises for learning machine elements. Mechanical Design Z. Giotsalitis 10/2017
75 Design and process of vertical axis wind turbine blade using three-dimensional digital imaging program. CAD / CAM & tools I. Tamba 04/2018
76 Planning, design and construction scale a solar concetrated thermal collector using 3-D printing. CAD / CAM & tools Th. Xaleplidou 04/2018
77 Simulation of operation of a hybrid energy park with solar flat collectors and biomass. Energu X. Goulas 04/2018
78 Study, design and development of solar thermal field to generate heat and electricity in Greece. Εnergy A. Pechtelidis 06/2018 Download
79 Design, development, recording and display in real control of the energy situation of the student halls of DUTH in Komotini. Measurements Ε. Αriantsis 10/2018
80 Review on solar heat energy storage materials (methodologies, techniques, projects e.t.a.). Energy A. Kyprakh 10/2018
81 Design of a lifting unit in a marble processing unit. Plan-study X. Aristeidou 10/2018