3D Asynchronous Learning

Short Summary


Following the recent progress in the field of 3D web visualizations and representations, new paths become available for enriching e-learning material and asynchronous training content. Facilitating 3D technologies and furthermore photorealistic models and animations, to enhance the learning experience, introduces a new method to upgrade the common templates of e-learning objects. Such blend of technologies are able to render and display highly complex and detailed mechanical components and systems, in a real-time and on-demand manner. The resulting content manages to bridge the gap between CAD models and state-of-the-art hi-res vfx models. This is an approach that invests in authentic and realistic representations and employs them to inspire the trainees and attract their attention. The goal is to immerse them into a virtual space that better connects them to the actual case study and better conveys the analyzed events.


There is a distinct need for embedding 3D models with better quality in terms of detail, texture and photorealism, in e-learning objects. Asynchronous learning technologies are expected to constantly seek and provide the best tools that capture the trainees’ attention and lock their commitment to the course. This is a very challenging task, considering the diverse pool of prospect trainees, as it emerges from both professional (corporate training and certification) and academic (degrees and courses) flows. Lifelong learning is becoming a common good and e-learning objects constitute products for one of the most blooming markets. Whether it is an academic instruction, a private business or a certification authority, all of them are targeting to deliver training content with high approval, fast consumption rate and best possible comprehension. This is where 3D content becomes a valuable tool as a platform that displays virtual spaces, environments, objects and animations. Upgrading this platform will lead to better understanding of the geometry, the interoperability and the interfacing of lab and/or simulation objects.


Following the link provided below, you are able to connect and browse the content of an asynchronous training platform that was designed and implemented to host and visualize photorealistic 3D models and animations (web3D). This platform is intended to aid engineering students, from the Production Engineering and Management Department, to better understand and experience the lab exercises for Machine Elements. The lab exercises have been enriched with 3D models, video training and animations that guide the trainee through each step of the solution process and allows him or her to visually experience and even control the progression of the core event. Your feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated, and will help us extend our work and expand the platform’s content. Enjoy your session!


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