Diploma Thesis

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1 Prototyping field measurements using thermography: The case of photovoltaic park. Energy
2 Overview of research field, methods and technologies for gamification energy consumer behavior. Energy
3 Study, design and development of a visit able educational technological park. Case study. Plan-study
4 Recycling of photovoltaic panels. Opportunities and challenges at the base of the circular economy. Energy
5 Design and construction of a heating element wear detection mechanism in a solar thermal hot water storage unit. Mechanical Design
6 Exploring the potential for energy savings in a local energy community (LCE) through motivations schemes for its members. Energy
7 Establishment and operation of a local energy community (LEC) in a complex of social housing. Energy
8 Evaluation of energy efficiency and sustainability of a building complex through an integrated building management system-BMS. Energy
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1 Study, design and development of a digital twin thermal energy production system. Mechanical Design M. Patramanis
2 Development of training excercises for programming CNC machines with code G, M and use of free access software. CAD/CAM &tools A. Patramanis
3 Design, construction and dimensional testing of non-ferrous standard specimens using the Microturn Denford CNC machine CAD / CAM & tools D. Kokotis
4 Design and construction of the transmission system of a FSAE electric racing vehicle. Plan-Study G. Tzetzis
5 Overview of research field, principles and applications in the process of hydrogen production, storage and distribution Energy C. Tsetsos
6 Methodological framework for positioning electric car chargers in an urban area: Case of the Municipality of Xanthi Energy A. Tsalikidis
7 Investigation of the possibilities and conditions of a port in the NE Aegean region for the creation of a supply chain support center and maintenance of offshore wind farms: Case of the island of Chios Diagnostic&Maintenance G. Karamaounas
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1 Design of post-construction lighting using solar energy. Plan-study A. Papapanagiotou 01/10/2005
2 Automated measurements using the program LabVIEW. Measurements K. Panos 01/10/2005
3 Study detecting cracks in metals. Detection application using ultrasound. Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) P. Hatziyannaki 01/10/2005
4 Study, design and manufacture of mechanical coupling using the program CAD / CAM. Plan-study A. Maltezos 22/03/2006
5 Certification scheme in CE - Implementation of procedures to hoist Face-Lifts. CE Certification E. Anastasiadou 22/03/2006
6 Diagnostics data engine damage in the frequency domain. Diagnostic & Maintenance Ch. Mavrikos 01/10/2006
7 Fault diagnosis in mechanical systems: Control oscillatory behavior rotary machine with displacement sensors. Diagnostic & Maintenance A. Papaioannou 01/10/2006
8 Oscillations structures subject to wind: Case turbine low power (<1kW) - Vibration Measurement base fabric according to Directive IEC / TS 61400-13: Measurement of mechanical loads. Measurements Ch. Veziris 01/12/2006
9 Methods of heat transfer from printed circuits and control circuits. Energy A. Chondronasios 19/07/2007
10 Energy management Μ.Μ.Ε processing metal. Energy M. Zografou 19/07/2007
11 Design of industrial development and prototype based on the instructions VDI 2221 and VDI 2225: Case flowmeter. Plan-study N. Koutsomichalis 01/11/2007
12 Installation planning and viability check trigeneration plant in the new campus Kimeria. Energy A. Alexakis
D. Limnios


Measuring stress in wind turbine blades. Measurements S. Koukos 03/03/2008
14 Design and construction of alternative tissue turbine power 1MW - comparative analysis with conventional tissue. Plan-study Ch. Voyatzi
D. Karampataki
15 Study, design and development of a monitoring and recording operating parameters and machine tool error estimation and time zone: event streams driving motor function operating speed. Measurements I. Souroutzidis 31/03/2008
16 Design and development of intelligent measuring instrument level, ultrasonic, controlled by a microprocessor. Measurements G. Zamanakos 25/06/2008
17 Detection of cracks in metals based on the principles of ultrasonic and penetrant: a comparative analysis. Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) P. Labrianidis 30/06/2008
18 Representation and processing of 3-D objects using coordinate measuring machine (CMM). Mechanical Design G. Galeridis 30/06/2008
19 Material selection and mechanical design. Mechanical Design M. Mirgkizoudi 29/10/2008
20 Control cracks in metal by the method of the magnetic particles. Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) A. Anastassiou 29/10/2008
21 Diagnosis of mechanical fault systems based on the principle of infrared thermography. Diagnostic & Maintenance E. Plastira 29/10/2008
22 Study mode wind tunnel. Plan-study M. Tzani 29/10/2008
23 Maintenance chemical industry using the method RBI. Diagnostic & Maintenance A. Naris 29/10/2008
24 Design and analysis screws with the finite element method. Mechanical Design I. Karypidis 04/11/2008
25 Study, design and manufacture of medical devices using CAD / CAM programs and 3-D printer. Mechanical Design B. Sophianou 24/03/2009 Download
26 Customized design mechanical objects. Mechanical Design A. Gkanoudi 24/03/2009
27 Study, design and construction of wind instrument using CAD / CAM programs and 3-D printer (if anemometer). Mechanical Design I. Griangelou 20/07/2009
28 Comparative analysis of Cartesian and non-Cartesian methods and devices digitize three-dimensional objects in reverse engineering: the case of visual methods. Mechanical Design A. Gkiokas 20/07/2009
29 Monitoring operating parameters machining center and estimate wear of cutting tools: If drilling. Diagnostic & Maintenance H. Amoiridis 20/07/2009 Download
30 Planning, design and construction of a strain bearings. Plan-study K. Rodopoulos 22/10/2009
31 Modeling of heat transfer phenomena in solar panels using finite elements. Energy P. Karagiannis 29/10/2009
32 Dynamic and static analysis of wind turbine ~ 3,1 MW using finite elements. Energy N. Kellidis 29/10/2009
33 Customized design and bolt components. Mechanical Design N. Maragkou 29/10/2009
34 Checking the accuracy of positioning axes CNC machining center by constructing non-ferrous machining essays. CAD / CAM & tools Ch. Kakouris 09/11/2009
35 Estimated energy payback (EPR) small solar park for the region East. Macedonia and Thrace. Energy F. Philippidou 05/03/2010 Download
36 Modeling and performance testing plate heat exchanger with the finite element method. Energy F. Philippidou 05/03/2010 Download
37 Estimated energy payback (Energy Payback Ratio, EPR) small wind farm on the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Energy A. Tsiotsiou 16/03/2010
38 Programming methodologies preventative maintenance and inspections - Situation application: chemical industry and scheduling maintenance based method RBI. Diagnostic & Maintenance E. Katsiana 16/03/2010
39 Dimensional display library building. Mechanical Design Ch. Kyratzidou 06/07/2010
40 Heat transfer mechanisms and their impact on the performance of a photovoltaic panel. Energy P. Tsikli 06/07/2010
41 Principles and methodologies mechanical design - Algorithmic and non-algorithmic approach to industrial design product. Mechanical Design M. Kantilieraki 04/11/2010
42 Measurement cycle machining non-ferrous machining specimens at machining centers CNC. CAD / CAM & tools M. Athanasiou 04/11/2010
43 Evaluation parameter estimation wear of cutting tools using Design of Experiments (Design of Experiments, DOE). Diagnostic & Maintenance M. Voyatzi 04/11/2010 Download
44 Function simulation photovoltaic panel and control performance. Measurements M. Binoli 04/11/2010 Download
45 Prefabricated building energy assessment in Campus Xanthi and upgrade proposals under the new KENAK (GG 407/09-04-2010). Energy E. Ypsilanti 01/07/2011
46 Design and feasibility study PV system to meet energy needs in electricity, the building I (PME) School of Engineering Democritus University of Thrace Xanthi Measurements S. Dimitriadis 01/07/2011 Download
47 Imprinting energy physiognomy of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace - Current state and perspectives. Energy Ch. Tsepeli 01/12/2011
48 Design principles offshore wind parks. Energy E. Stephanou 23/04/2012
49 The mechanical design of the end of life of modules. Mechanical Design G. Tagara 20/05/2012
50 Design, development and operation of offshore wind farms in the Greek marine space. Energy K. Kombolias 20/05/2012
51 Study, design and product development with a focus on selecting materials and production technologies: Case gear. Mechanical Design M. Karkanis 20/11/2012 Download
52 Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA) photovoltaic systems. Energy F. Ioannidou 20/11/2012
53 Errors in P/V systems: Analysis methodology for categorization. Diagnostic & Maintenance K. Moustafelos 20/11/2012
54 Modeling solar hybrid heating system swimming pool closed for the Municipality of Alexandroupolis. Energy M. Gianniki 19/04/2013
55 Design of shock absorbing element in standard competition vehicle. Plan-study P. Bekakos 19/04/2013
56 Implementation of European and Greek models and fault detection in structures aeriafloton boiler. Diagnostic & Maintenance B. Mylonas 19/04/2013
57 Assessment (theoretical and experimental) wear bearing rolling laboratory unit radial and axial stress using vibration signals and thermography Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) N. Athanasopoulos 20/06/2013
58 Redesign industrial product: Case split air conditioner Mechanical Design A. Korkovelos 20/06/2013
59 Planning, design, construction and performance testing of solar hot air generating device. Plan-study E. Barbounis -
60 Study and evaluation of decision criteria for energy planning at the county level: Case Xanthi. Energy A. Strinopoulou 07/04/2014
61 Accelarating aging techniques of photovoltaic panels. Diagnostics & Maintenance S. Pavlidis 15/07/2014 Download
62 Fault tree analysis of complex electromechanical systems through Graph Theory. Diagnostics & Maintenance Ν. Patsiani 15/07/2014
63 3D Simulation lathe machining tools controlled by computer. CAD / CAM & tools G. Eirinopoulos 10/03/2014
64 The method TRIZ inventive design as a tool for innovation in education. Mechanical Design S. Mountelos 15/02/2015
65 Capability expansion of impementing solar thermal system in greek milk industry Energy Κ. Georgousi 06/2015
66 Τhe evolutionary path from conception and design of an innovative product in business practice: guide for setting up new companies. Plan-study Pr. Filippidis 10/2015
67 Study, dimensioning and evaluation of solar cooling/heating unit for the cover of energy needs of a building Energy S. Fabiatos 10/11/2015
68 Study, design and evaluation of a hybrid unit coverage of laboratories' thermal and cooling loads of General University Hospital of Alexandroupoli with the use of biomass, solar thermal and fossil fuels Energy S. Dimoliaras 11/2015
69 Use of infrared thermography as non-destructive testing for the prevention and fault diagnosis in sailboats and sea safety protocols. Non Destructive Testing, NDT E. Bafounis - Kottas 01/2016 Download
70 Design optimization of complex electro-mechanical constructions: the case of heat exchanger with the use of the constructal theory. Εnergy Th. Κοntodina 03/2016
71 Design and function analysis of a solar thermal park using IR thermography Energy D. Tsemberlidou 04/2017 Download
72 Comparative analysis between conventional and dry turning CAD/CAM & Tools D. Hliadis 05/2017
73 Thermal performance model of a parabolic trough collector Energy A. Isaakidou 05/2017
74 Development and creation of virtual interactive exercises for learning machine elements. Mechanical Design Z. Giotsalitis 10/2017
75 Design and process of vertical axis wind turbine blade using three-dimensional digital imaging program. CAD / CAM & tools I. Tamba 04/2018
76 Planning, design and construction scale a solar concetrated thermal collector using 3-D printing. CAD / CAM & tools Th. Xaleplidou 04/2018
77 Simulation of operation of a hybrid energy park with solar flat collectors and biomass. Energy X. Goulas 04/2018
78 Study, design and development of solar thermal field to generate heat and electricity in Greece. Εnergy A. Pechtelidis 06/2018 Download
79 Design, development, recording and display in real control of the energy situation of the student halls of DUTH in Komotini. Measurements Ε. Αriantsis 10/2018
80 Review on solar heat energy storage materials (methodologies, techniques, projects e.t.a.). Energy A. Kyprakh 10/2018
81 Design of a lifting unit in a marble processing unit. Plan-study X. Aristeidou 10/2018
82 Implementation of Failure, Impact and Critical Analysis (FMECA) on a wind turbine. Diagnostic & Maintenance D. Papatsounis 10/2019
83 Research, study, design and development using a three-dimensional printer, standard artificial ear splint. Mechanical Design A. Argyropoulos 11/2019
84 Study, design and production of an ergonomic computer workstation. Plan-study K. Kazanidis 01/2020
85 Non-destructive testing of metal specimens with the use of liquid penetrant inspection (LPI). Non-destructive testing, NDT E. Νούsιοs 06/2020
86 Aerial thermography as a tool for preventive maintenance and inspections of large-scale systems. Diagnostic & Maintenance P. Aprilis 06/2020
87 Redesigning a commercial product based on realiability: An electronic signboard case. Plan-study H. Tsagkalidis 06/2020
88 Use of non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques in aircraft preventive maintenance and airworthiness regulations Non-destructive testing (Non Destructive Testing, NDT) I. Michailidou 09/2020
89 Wind turbine maintenance using the RBI method Diagnostic & Maintenance N. Kanakis 11/2020
90 Design and construction of the suspension system a FSAE racing car Plan-study E. Serpetidis 02/2021
91 The Impact of Additive Manufacturing on the Maintenance Policy of an Industry: Perspectives, Challenges, Obstacles. Diagnostic & Maintenance A. Papadopoulos 03/2021
92 Overview of Research Field, Methodology, Practices and Applications in the Area of Metal Surface Hardening: Induction Hardening Case. CAD/CAM & Tools A. Papadopoulos Filelis 05/2021
93 Terotechnology-A holistic approach to maintenance Diagnostic & Maintenance K. Koukou 06/2021
94 Case Study of Cold Rolled Steel Industrial System and Production Process Improvement Proposals. Mechanical Design D. Karakasis 10/2021
95 Study, design and operation analysis of a biomass feed mechanism in a thermal energy boiler. Plan-study T. Papadopoulos 10/2021
96 Finding the optimal flight path for an unmanned aerial vehicle for photovoltaic park thermography using a geographic information program. Diagnostic & Maintenance A. Nana 11/2021
97 Heat absorber chiller performance evaluation. Measurements N. Organtzidis 04/2022
98 Study, design and development of a anti-vibration mesh using a 3D printer. Plan-study A. Papavasileiou 04/2022
99 Redesign of an industrial product with the aim of its structural upgrade using ANSYS. Plan-study S. Gkekas 07/2022
100 Aspects of Mechanical Design in the transition to a circular economy: The case of the social dimension. Mechanical Design T. Varela 01/2023
101 Design and development of a smart predictive maintenance system within Industry 4.0. Diagnostic & Maintenance C. Pornara 01/2023
102 Non-destructive testing of metal specimens using eddy currents and magnetic particles. Non Destructive Testing, NDT A. Tsakiridis 07/2023
103 Techno-economic evaluation of a photovoltaic system for the production of thermal energy. Energy O. Semertzidis 07/2023
104 Energy effective manufacturing: Managing and saving energy during a production cycle. Energy A. Panagiotidis 10/2023
105 Development of a 3D model of a building complex and its energy control using BIM and digital twin technologies Energy N. Koniaris 11/2023
106 Design and Manufacture using Prima boards of a standard cast non ferrous metal speciment Mechanical Design G. Gellalis 11/2023
107 Re-engineering of vehicle parts with an emphasis on manufacturability Plan-Study M. Vozinidis 12/2023