Innovation Corner

Technology Readiness Level

1. Basic Research

2. Proof of Principle

3. Early lab scale demonstration

4. Late lab scale demonstration

5. Validation

6. Early prototype

7. Late prototype

8. Early stage commercial application

9. Market ready application

Industrial hinge with four degrees of freedom

Many times in daily activity, whether in the home, but especially in the industrial sector, the problem occurs … More

Interactive Crosswind Sign

At the global level, the existence of strong crosswinds at certain points of roads and highways in particular … More

Intelligent ultrasonic device for level measurements

The aim of this work is the design, the design, construction and calibration of a smart and cheap gauge … More

Car cover for hail protection applications

Protective car cover which consists of a double fabric, in which the parties are not stuck together and …More

Rolling bearing strain unit

The object of this work is the design, the design and construction of a plant stress bearings which … More

Production of deionized water

The present invention relates to economic and environmentally friendly production, deionized water … More

3D-Printed ear splint

The aim of this research study centers around the design and development, using a three-dimensional model of the ear-splint… More