2016 H2020, ERA Mobility and Researchers Career Days in Greece: A contribution to decrease brain drain» SwafS-20-2016 : ERA Mobility and Career Day.
    2014 Entrepreneurial workshops and traineeship program in the region of Thrace, Federal U.S. Department Assistance Award.
    2013 Development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the Municipality of Alexandroupolis and of Drama.
    2012 Europe Direct (EDICs).
    2012 MainCode “Maintenance and Life Asset Management: The Cornerstones for Sustainable Development”, European Territorial Cooperation Program, Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013.
    2012 Development of Sustainable Energy Action Plan for the Municipality of Kavala.
    2011 TSMEDE ’11, “Estimation of reliability and availability of system energy from renewable energy sources (RES) by applying advanced techniques of maintenance.”
    2009 TSMEDE ’09, “Fault diagnosis in renewable energy using thermography: case solar panels.”
    2006 TSMEDE ’06, “Models diagnosis-prognosis lesions in programmable machine tools (CNC)”.
    2006-7 INTERREG IIIA / PHARE CBC GREECE-BULGARIA, Measure 2.3 – “Increasing Competitiveness Through the creation of business networks with the use of information technology.”
    2002-2005 Craft-Short SACPEH (CRAFT -70921-199-CT99) “Solar Air Conditioning System Using Very Low Cost Variable Plastic Ejector, with Hybrid potential for different markets”.
    2002 Approx East. Mac. Thrace “energy imprint of Anat. Macedonia and Thrace (AMTH), record the current energy situation and promotion of alternative scenarios for energy development and self-determination.”
    2002 SAVE II, Penelope-Bacchus “Renewable energy and Structural Funds” EU
    2001 Germanos SA “Design and development of plant protection and customization DC power.”
    2000 TSEMEDE ’00 “planning, design and development of standard catalytic devices.”
    1999 TSMEDE ’99 “Optimization of measuring devices with a PC.”
    1996-1997 PRENED ’96 “Using bioethanol catalytic engine – Impact on air pollutants and catalytic efficiency.”
    1995-1997 PENED ’95 “Development of an expert system performance evaluation TWC catalyst in driving conditions.”
    1992-1994 “STRIDE HELLAS 8” application VI entitled “Design and development of a system for monitoring performance catalytic converter in modern clean engine technology.”